Why we are Lit

Lit Lighting's story begins with a couple of guys just looking to get the most out of their garden. We had tried all of the most popular lighting technologies but still found ourselves wanting more. Our first foray into LED lighting had us building COB arrays, and almost instantly we knew that we were on to something wonderful.

As satisfied as we were with COBs we immediately recognized the challenges that COBs would have to have to hurdle to achieve their full potential and we started looking down different paths. One of us started building lights with the popular panels known as Quantum Boards from HLG, while the other found more interest in the linear arrays from Samsung and Bridgelux. It was during this time that we both began selling our first custom grow lights to friends and acquaintances.

We quickly realized though, that each form factor still came with its own challenges. Quantum boards were easy to design with and their dense array made it easy to maintain the flux density required to grow flowering cannabis plant, but the footprint left a lot to be desired from our perspective as the light was generally focused in a hot spot under the boards. Linear arrays are excellent at evenly distributing the light, but the diffuse arrays meant that you needed to use many strips in larger, more complicated fixtures.

So we designed the Lit Strip

By designing a high-density linear array we had found the solution to our problem. Not only did the Lit strip provide us high flux density over a generous footprint, but it drastically simplified the building process and it allowed us to build a light with our ideal spectrum.

It was then when our mission became clear

Our mission is to bring efficient, practical, affordable, and innovative parts to the market. We will only provide parts who's quality we can guarantee and that have proven themselves useful in real-life applications. We know whats it's like to grow at home and we know what it's like to build a grow light in your garage or workshop and we are here to help make those processes as easy as possible for you so you can spend more time getting lit!

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