Lit Strip 224

Lit Strip 224

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With a flux density of up to over 2.8 micromoles per joule the Lit Strip 224 is a premium horticultural lighting array. Boasting 210 pieces of Samsung's LM301B and 14 pieces of Osram Oslon diodes on a 22"×1" array, these strips balance power density with a linear form factor to bring you an array that is suitable for primary or supplementary lighting. The tuned spectrum contains not only ample amounts of blue light for healthy vegetative growth and tight internodal distance, but it has also been enhanced with added 660nm red for improved flower morphology and efficacy, making it a great light source for all stages of growth.

Power: 25-125w
Input Voltage: 44-47VDC
Input Current: 550-2650mA
PPE: 2.5-2.9μmol/joule
CCT: 3350-3375
CRI: 90
  • Recommended Drivers

    While Lit Strips can be driven by most 48VDC drivers, at Lit Lighting we recommend using Meanwell Drivers for efficiency and reliability. "A" series drivers come with built in dimmers, "B" series drivers come wired for an external dimmer.

    1 Lit Strip

    • HLG-80H-48 (A or B)-80 watts
    • ELG-75-48-75watts(only recommended for 220VAC)
    • HLG-100H-48(A or B)-100watts
    • ELG-100-48 - 100watts(220VAC)
    • LPC-100-2100- 100watts

    2 Lit Strips

    • LPC-150-48 - 150watts
    • HLG-150H-48(A or B) - 150watts
    • ELG-150-48 - 150watts(220VAC)
    • HLG-185H-48(A or B) -185watts
    • HLG-240H-C2100(A or B) - 200watts

    3 Lit Strips

    • HLG-240H-C1750(A or B) - 240watts
    • HLG-240H-48(A or B) 240watts
    • ELG-240-1750 - 240watt
    • HLG-320H-C2100(Aor B) - 300watts
    • HLG-320H-48(A or B) - 320watts

    4 Lit Strips

    • HLG-240H-C1400(A or B) - 250watts
    • HLG-320H-C1750(A or B) - 320watts


  • Heat Sinking

    Custom anodized heatsinks coming soon!!

    In the mean time we recommend using the heatsinkusa's 2.079" heatsinks for up to 90watts

    For up to 120watts we recommend using the 1.813" heatsinks


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